What our parents say?

  • “I cherish and admire the respectful, caring, learning environment”
  • “My child is developing logic and reasoning steering through challenging tasks”
  • “I am impressed by the devotion and dedication that runs from the level of Director, Administrator, through Lead Teachers and Assistants with single passion and focus towards overall child development”
  • “I am amazed at the speed with which my child improved motor and expressive skills, aside from becoming independent”
  • “Our child is enthusiastic about learning, loves DMS and we could not be happier”

“We could not be happier with the kindness, the sincerity and the education our two oldest children have received at Decatur Montessori School. DMS prepared them for the next stages of their education and ensured they had all the skills to fit in and to do their best. We are looking forward to sending our third child to DMS for the same wonderful experience.”

Thank you, again, for all of your kindness to our children. If you need anything from us, please let us know. Otherwise we will see you when Jacob is ready to enter DMS.

Kindest Regards,

Carol Burley

In the three years we have been a part of the DMS family we have always felt like our children are “home” when they are there.  Both of our boys love their teachers- you can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes when they get to school and when they are picked up.  Thank you for helping them to become the amazing little people we love so much and thank you for helping us to become better parents to them.

Abbie and Jonathan Thill

We have only been with DMS for less than one month, but this has already been the most heart-warming and welcoming experience, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. This is not just a school/daycare to take your child to, but a caring and open community that makes you feel welcome and supports you in ways that you usually cannot even hope for to get from a school. Our boy has a huge smile on his face every day when we pick him up and what better indication of a day well spent. In this small period of time, he has noticeably become calmer, more independent, more focused, and he is looking forward to going to school instead of dreading it. This is a big and not a very easy step away from traditional education, but if you put yourself in your child’s shoes, you’d know in your heart that this is the type of environment you would want to be in.

Marina Simonian

We love DMS for many reasons.  Both of our daughters (now ages 7 and 2 years) have attended DMS since they were 4 months old.  We always felt reassured that our children were in the loving and capable hands of the teachers and staff.  Our daughters have excelled in the Montessori environment which allowed them to learn, but also to gain independence and leadership. My little one’s favorite words now are “My Do”, and I am continually amazed by the things that she can actually do – like bake bread from scratch.  My oldest daughter was able to go through all the classrooms at DMS, and we saw her grow from being a very hesitant toddler to a very outgoing and creative first grader.  We have been so fortunate to have our children at DMS.

Van Tong

Dear “new” parents,

Just a small testimony to tell you how happy we are with Decatur Montessori.
First, what is the most important, our 3-year old son, Gaspard, just LOVES his school and always talk with enthusiasm of all the things he had learn during the day, of his teachers and of his friends. He has been there for 6 months now and we are so impressed about how his concentration skill has already improved and how much independence he has gained! We love the way his teachers “guide” him towards the knowledge (even practical knowledge) but never telling him the “right” way to do it, so that everything he achieves is really by himself, with his own way. We believe that this encourages creativity and self confidence and we love it.

I also would like to highlight how well and warmly we have been welcomed in this school. We are from France and Gaspard was not speaking English when he arrived. Valerie, Iffat, Parvin, Anne and Tara have been so helpful and patient with all of us!!! Gaspard only needed a small month to adapt, and he is really one of the children now. This is really thanks to all this incredible staff and to the fact that the Montessori environment is the best in allowing each child unique personality to blossom while creating a strong and united community.

For all of that I am VERY thankful and happy to be part of Decatur Montessori School.

I hope this will help you in choosing the school for your child!
Best regards

Aurelie Vancauwenberghe

Dear prospective Decatur Montessori parent,
It is with the sincerest pleasure that we share with you our satisfaction and happiness with this fine institution.  Our 5 year old has been there for just over 2.5 years and we have seen him blossom into a fine student of language, manners, independent thought, and experiential learning.

This year has especially shown us a remarkable leap in his ability to read and write ahead of his day care friends.  When he shares his “work” on Fridays (note that they do not “play” all day as they will fervently tell you!), his pride is beyond evident.  The fact that he has been both the youngest and the oldest in his classroom with essentially the same children is very valuable to his development, in our opinion.

He has developed into a patient and caring young boy as the skills of the teachers and the perspective of Decatur Montessori mirror what we do at home in aiding his development.  There must be a synergy between the home and the place your child spends the majority of their days.  You will be able to tell quickly if they synch up.  If so, do not hesitate to enroll here – these years are precious for your child as you well know and he will benefit for his entire life.

The Lucas Family

we enrolled Sadie in Decatur Montessori. 2 years in, we have no doubts (a rare thing to be able to say about one’s parenting!). Since she started at Decatur Montessori, Sadie has been loved, supported and encouraged by her wonderful community here. She goes to school with confidence and joy, and comes home with questions and light. In a period of many changes and stresses (and as it turns out, they all are), Sadie has a constant source of stability, comfort and love, and for that we are so incredibly grateful. Love and thanks,

Rachel Bowser, PhD Assistant Professor of English Georgia Gwinnett College

When our son first came to Decatur Montessori, he was 3 years old.  He was really nervous about coming to a new school, but the children, teachers and staff welcomed him lovingly.  He adjusted quickly to the classroom, because he was always busy and participating in the classroom in a way that made him feel useful and self-confident.  Now, it is 9 months later.  When I picked my son up from school early the other day he actually said, “Mommy?  Do you think you could come get me a little later tomorrow?”

Decatur Montessori School communicates effectively with us as a family so that we always know what to expect.  This consistency and stability is essential for the happiness of young children, but it is also important to parents with busy schedules and full lives.  Our son—and our entire family—is thriving thanks to the love and support we receive from being part of the DMS family.


Cheryl and Karl Kortemeier (parents of Milo, age 3)

A year has passed that Adriel has graduated and moved on but he still continues to want to go back to Decatur Montessori and meet his beloved teachers and friends. The experience does not stop that day of graduation; Adriel continues to harvest his friendship with his peers who graduated before and with him.

Roxana P

I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have chosen Decatur Montessori School as a partner to help Lydia grow and learn in these very important formative years. Lydia simply loves the school and every day we see the benefits of what she is learning and doing.

I want to thank the wonderful teachers and staff of Decatur Montessori School for all that they do. For their love and the focused attention that they give to Lydia. Thank you too for working so hard to keep the environment safe for her and free from nut and peanut allergens.

Christina M, Your Content Goes Here

When I started looking around for daycare for my son last spring, I visited DMS and immediately fell in love with the place and the people. I have not regretted the decision to join the DMS community.

Tanja, Your Content Goes Here

Lily used to be so quiet and dingy. I tried socializing her at different parks, play dates, the pool and Sunday school. She would always try to hide behind me and would only play while watching other kids tentatively. Decatur Montessori brought her out of her shell and made her independent.

Mary P, Your Content Goes Here

Our child formed strong bonds with the teachers, Assistants and school director. It was so comforting to know that he spent his days with nurturing individuals who had true interest in his development. The school staff that surrounded him enjoyed watching him grow and develop as much as we did. And when you are in a foreign country, an ocean apart from family and friends, that counts a lot. DMS really felt like home

Marta F, Your Content Goes Here

Thanks for making DMS a safe and healthy learning environment for Sadie. She loves the school and has grown in many positive ways over the past few years under the school’s caring guidance

Brian K, Your Content Goes Here

What our Teachers say?

  • “I am fortunate to be part of a great mission at DMS led by eminent Directors”
  • “Having spent 15 long years, I could not have asked for a more rewarding career in life”
  • “The small endearing community at DMS makes me feel at home away from home”
Why I Love Montessori
Every day I get to explore, create, discover and work with a diverse group of curious, loving peaceful, patient, expressive characters who love to learn
In an uncluttered, ordered, peaceful, rich, inviting, environment
Movement is useful, intelligent, purposeful and voluntary
A limited amount of attractive, interesting, culturally rich, open ended, materials
that: invite much handling for experimentation, sensory exploration and are the keys to the universe
Time constraints, agendas, pressure, curriculum,rude or rough acts or prejudice
At the end of the day I get to see the child building the adult they are to become when they say, “Help me to do it by myself!”
Heather Thomson (Lead Primary teacher)

I have been working at Decatur Montessori School since 2000 . This is a place where I work but also I call home. I cannot find words to explain our community here at DMS . This school is full of love..,support…and care… I really admire and respect Valerie Alino and Eric Alino and the job they have done here and the way they have led this school and it’s employees. Valerie has taught me so much and helped me excel at my job and my career.

Valeri is not just my director but she is also a close friend and confidant to me and my family, this is something priceless…This is such a great school and staff I work with, the employees here at DMS and the leadership is second to none. I have been in the teaching industry for 22 years and still learn daily with the help of this school and community. My experience here at DMS could never be replaced working any where else.

Parvin Heidari (Lead Toddler teacher)

Within 2 weeks of beginning employment at Decatur Montessori, I had a very strong feeling of peace. What I saw were happy employees , dedicated and engaged. I saw students surrounded by love . In this caring environment these students thrived. I saw these children showing love, care, and compassion for their fellow classmates.

Tara M. Lee

What our students say?

  • “I love to come to school every day and miss school on weekends”
  • “I enjoy and have a lot of fun learning”
  • “I like helping other children”