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                                                                     EXCITING NEWS!!!

WE’VE REOPENED….with our ‘safe-return-to-school’ plan in place, as per CDC/BFTS advisory. Children are so happy returning to their environments. And it makes staff ever so jubilant. We are committed to providing safe learning atmosphere and take pride in our devoted community.

The small Covid-19 interruption did not dissipate our passion for quality Montessori education and instead enhanced our compassion for our children blossoming through their Montessori journey. We remain committed to our families.

We encourage families to send their children and welcome fresh enrollments in the new academic year.

                                                              Happy experiential learning…

Our Programs


Infant Community
Infant Community{6weeks-16m}

Decatur Montessori is the right choice

  • AMI certified/recognized Montessori School since 1993
  • 6 weeks to 6 years (infants, Toddlers, Primary)
  • Full day, All Year-round Montessori program including summer
  • Early care from 7 a.m.; after care until 6 p.m. to accommodate parent work schedules
  • Low student to teacher ratio in a diverse close-knit community
  • Enrichment programs Music, Art, Yoga, Spanish, Soccer etc. inbuilt into daily schedule
  • STEM based activities
  • Home-away-from-home in a natural landscape modular setting with fair sized playgrounds
  • Long term (16+ years), qualified, skilled, trained, certified & security cleared Teachers & Staff


“We could not be happier with the kindness, the sincerity and the quality of education our two oldest children have received at Decatur Montessori School. DMS prepared them for the next stages of their education and ensured they had all the skills to do their best in life. Sending our third child to DMS.”
Carol B
In the three years we have been a part of the DMS family we have always felt like our children are “home” when they are there.  Both of our boys love their teachers- you can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes when they get to school and when they are picked up
Abbie & Jonathan T

DMS has been the most heart-warming experience and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. This is not just a school/daycare, but a caring and open community that makes you feel welcomed every day. Our son has noticeably become calmer, more independent, more focused, and he is looking forward to going to school instead of dreading it.

Marina S

We love DMS for many reasons.  Both our daughters have attended DMS since they were 4 months old.  We always felt reassured that our children were in the loving and capable hands of the teachers and staff.  Our daughters have excelled in the Montessori environment, gaining independence and leadership.

Van T 

Our 3-year old son, Gaspard, just loves DMS and always talk with enthusiasm of things he learns during the day, of his teachers and of his friends. We are so impressed about his concentration skill and independence. We love the way his teachers “guide” him towards knowledge but never telling him the “right” way to do it, so everything he achieves is really by himself, his own way.

Aurelie V

We wish to share our satisfaction and happiness with DMS.  Our 5 year old has been there for just over 2.5 years and we have seen him blossom into a fine student of language, manners, independent thought, and experiential learning.  He has especially shown remarkable leap in his ability to read and write ahead of his day care friends.  Do not hesitate to enroll at DMS.

The Lucas Family

We may have had suspicions, but we couldn’t have known, of just how good a decision we made when we enrolled Sadie in Decatur Montessori. 2 years in, we have no doubts. Since she started at DMS, Sadie has been loved, supported and encouraged by her wonderful community here. She goes to school with confidence and joy, and comes home with questions and light.

Rachel B

When our son first came to Decatur Montessori, he was 3 years old.  He was really nervous about coming to a new school, but the children, teachers and staff welcomed him lovingly.  He adjusted quickly to the classroom, because he was always busy and participating in the classroom in a way that made him feel useful and self-confident.

Cheryl & Karl K

Decatur Montessori School communicates effectively with us as a family so that we always know what to expect.  This consistency and stability is essential for the happiness of young children, but it is also important to parents with busy schedules and full lives.  Our son—and our entire family—is thriving thanks to the love and support we receive from being part of the DMS family.

Albert P

A year has passed that Adriel has graduated and moved on but he still continues to want to go back to Decatur Montessori and meet his beloved teachers and friends. The experience does not stop that day of graduation; Adriel continues to harvest his friendship with peers who graduated before and with him.

Roxana P

I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have chosen Decatur Montessori School as a partner to help Lydia grow and learn in these very important formative years. Lydia simply loves the school and every day we see the benefits of what she is learning and doing. Thank you DMS for the wonderful teachers, staff and keeping environment safe and secure.

Christina M
When I started looking around for daycare for my son last spring, I visited DMS and immediately fell in love with the place and the people. I have not regretted the decision to join the DMS community.
Tanja L
Lily used to be so quiet and dingy. I tried socializing her at different parks, play dates, the pool and Sunday school. She would always try to hide behind me and would only play while watching other kids tentatively. Decatur Montessori brought her out of her shell and made her independent.
Mary P
Our child formed strong bonds with the teachers, Assistants and school director. It was so comforting to know that he spent his days with nurturing individuals who had true interest in his development. The school staff that surrounded him enjoyed watching him grow and develop as much as we did. DMS really felt like home.
Marta F
Thanks for making DMS a safe and healthy learning environment for Rachel. She loves the school and has grown in many positive ways over the past few years under the school’s caring guidance.
Brian K


Decatur Montessori School accepts applications round the year for Infants, Toddlers as well as Primary communities for spaces available from time to time. Please schedule a personalized tour by choosing a date below

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