Quality education is provided by quality educators and conscious administrators. It is the environment that shapes children becoming innovators and leaders. DMS is committed to hiring and retaining the best Leads, Assistants and substitutes, if required. We pride on long term teachers and staff, some even over 16 years with the school. This speaks volumes about the respect for the school.


Mini Sharma

Dr. Meenu Sharma (Mini), DirectorFondly known as Mini, Dr. Meenu Sharma is a versatile educator with over 30 years of education experience teaching and managing learning facilities across US and India. She has innate teaching qualities and a well rounded persona to be able to envision what is best for her students. She has proven ability to efficiently and effectively manage educational institutions due to which she has been able to harness excellent results with students in collective and individualized teaching environs. She is blessed with good analytical and problem solving skills, vision and implementation of plans and concepts, aside from excellent communication skills with ability to work well within a team and as a leader. She is well adept at creating environments conducive to the development of child personalities. She has earned her Bachelors in Education, Masters and PhD in Psychology along with Montessori certification.

Amit Sharma

Dr. Amitabh Sharma, Asst. DirectorA serial entrepreneur, Dr. Sharma is an educationist in heart and spirit. He often proclaims that if pricked, only education and not blood would ooze out. A passionate goal oriented inveterate optimist, Dr. Sharma has excelled in International marketing founding and promoting several companies as well as projects in IT, Education, Renewable Energy, Skill development, Training and Philanthropy. Hailing from an academic family, Dr Sharma decided to support his inspired wife Dr. meenu Sharma, Director at Decatur Montessori School to pursue her passion of Montessori education not so much as a business but as service to the community. He currently is Chair Atlanta Leadership Council with American India Foundation aside from promoting STEM education in the US and India. He has earned Bachelor in Science, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Law and PhD in Marketing degrees and has proudly managed diverse educational institutions.

Anne Sorenson Manager Administration

Ms. Anne Sorenson, Admissions CoordinatorAnne has been with DMS since 2001. Having grown up in Lincoln Nebraska, she holds a BS in Business Administration from University of Kansas and Masters in Hospital & Health Administration from University of Iowa. She had 7 years healthcare consulting and management experience prior to moving to Atlanta area in 1999. Interestingly her son enrolled at DMS and she volunteered in classrooms when she happily decided to join DMS as Admissions Coordinator. She brings with her compassion, diligence and discreet analysis along with excellent interpersonal relationship abilities- a true asset to DMS. Both her children attended DMS, completed its primary program and then went on to pursue Montessori through middle school. What better testimony to the benefits of Montessori philosophy than being first a parent and then becoming its implementer.


LaQuasia JacksonLaQuasia JacksonLead

Elizabeth Conrado Infant AssistantElizabeth ConradoAssistant

Valerie Robinson Infant AssistantValerie RobinsonAssistant


Parvin Heidari Toddler Lead Parvin HeidariLead

Sara Garcia Toddler AssistantSara GarciaAssistant


Iffat Sharieff Primary LeadIffat SharieffLead

Cristal AguilarCristal AguilarAssistant

Parveen DhananiParveen DhananiLead

Christine Lawson Primary AssistantChristine LawsonAssistant



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