STEM : Project Based Creative Learning

Enrichment Programs

STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math): integrated inter-disciplinary learning helps children acquire problem solving skills enabling them to acquire a holistic perspective much needed in today’s complex world.

Spanish, as Second language: Decatur Montessori School has native Spanish speakers in each classroom that speak Spanish to children. This enables children to be exposed to a 2nd language. Special Spanish camps are also organized during summer. Studies have shown that children with a second language score higher on standardized tests and adapt better to different cultures and their surroundings. In addition, learning a second language give children an added advantage as they grow and compete in an increasingly challenging world.

Music: Music classes are conducted in the school by The Music Class (company) once a week for Primary community. Interested parents sign up directly for the music class. Music has been acknowledged as a big facilitating factor in improving concentration and focus, aside from triggering creativity amongst children. Music also considerably helps children become wholesome individuals.


Soccer: Soccer sessions are conducted by Kidz n Kicks (company) on the school playgrounds once a week for Primary as well as older Toddler communities. Structured physical exercises like Soccer enable children to express themselves in sports field. It also helps in building discipline, team spirit, leadership apart from chiseling objectivity.


Yoga: Yoga is provided in the school as an optional activity in Summer. Yoga is acclaimed to enhance mental and physical stamina and ability to focus and concentrate.


Art: Art and painting camps are conducted in the school from time to time. Children are exposed to different art mediums and it helps them articulate better.


Special exposure: School invites Social services like Police, Fire, USPS etc to give children an exciting expose of how essential services contribute to community’s well-being.


Family Day

Holi- Festival of colors