We are blessed to have a diverse group of involved parents who are willing to give their hearts and time to our community. Our parents and students are extended DMS family; our very fabric of the school. We treasure this relationship especially priding on a diverse multicultural community of parents, students as well as teachers and staff.


Family members are involved and contribute by volunteering in the school in a host of different ways. Opportunities include: reading, luncheons, classroom projects, maintenance projects, construction and beautification projects, fund raising, gardening, landscape, picnics and other school events.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year (Fall & Spring). This is an occasion to discuss each child’s growth and progress. Individual meetings may be scheduled as needed during the year at the request of either the parent of the teacher.

School Meetings

School meetings are held periodically during the year. These meetings may include a parent education component for the entire school and often include an individualized classroom presentation by your child’s teacher.

Parent Observations

In Fall, the Primary community has a scheduled parent observation week when parents come and observe their children in the classroom environment. This is an enriching experience for the parents.

Parent Lessons

In Spring, the Primary community has schedules lessons where the parents are invited to sit in the classroom while their child gives a lesson to them. This is a proud moment for children and an emotional one for parents.

Social events

We have a variety of social events during the year. These events give families an opportunity to interact, mingle and build friendships while supporting our community.

Fall Socials
  • Family Day
  • Thanksgiving luncheon
  • Fall Family Social
  • International Day
  • Primary Observation week
Winter socials
  • Holiday luncheon
Spring socials
  • Family Day
  • Staff Appreciation week
  • Staff Appreciation lunch
  • Primary lessons
  • End of Year Family Social