Maria Montessori – the Genius

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Maria Montessori

Montessori History

The Montessori system of education was founded by Maria Montessori as a result of her work with young children. Among her many distinctions, Maria Montessori was the first woman physician in Italy.

In 1896, during her studies, she worked with mentally deficient children. After a while, these children passed tests which were designed for normal children. While everyone was impressed with her accomplishment, Dr. Montessori wondered if her results indicated that there was a basic flaw in the traditional system of education. To find an answer, she volunteered to work with children from a slum area of Rome.

Using her keen sense of observation, working tenaciously for well over a decade she developed a method for teaching these children which took advantage of their natural sense of curiosity and desire for learning. Throughout her life, Maria Montessori devoted her time and energy to developing an education system which she called an “education for life.”

Today, there is a worldwide movement to implement the Montessori Method of education. The Montessori Method has been recognized as a viable model for education in the United States and world over.